Something Familiar

While walking through the Cambridge Town, I noticed that most of things there seemed familiar to me, which was strange as this was my first time visit ever. Why is it like that i was continously thinking while walking. ooo Yeah i had seen these kinds of shops, buildings, streets in UK last year when … Read more


After driving around an hour we reached a town called CAMBRIDGE. Ossi started telling us about its history and everything while we parked the car and walked through the town. ” Why eveything is closed here in the middle of the day”, i asked. He replied ” Today is public holiday that is why”. We … Read more

First Day Out

“Osima Osima  wakeup wakeup Osima Osima”, i heard it early in the morning, i thought, who is this and why he is pronouncing his name (osman) so badly,  i got my answer when the same guy came to me in a sec and said ” Ahmed bhai wakeup, i made a tea for u guys and Osima is not waking … Read more


“Yaar here petrol is so expensive, look at there” , I almost screamed at both my friends(Salman & Osman).” Yeh here petrol is more expensive than Sydney” Osman replied. It was our first day out after we arrived at Auckland Airport in NewZealand around 10pm. Osman was there waiting for us with his housemate Bootwala. ” … Read more


After had our Bondi Meals and called a few friends we looked around just for nothing and slowly slowly moved towards departure gate no 54. So we went to board in, through very tight customs and security checking. We still had littlebit of time, so we just sitting outside the gate and rechecked our travel … Read more


Then we decided lets go for window shopping, while doing it i said to him ” we should buy something for that friend who will pick us up from Airport and host us”. “ooo Yeh” he answered. Then we bought a Perfume for him, not too bad even for pricewise because Sydney Airport has plenty … Read more

Sydney Airport

Finally we  packed our bags and arrived at so neat and clean fully safe Sydney Airport(Terminal 1, international). One of our friends just dropped us there and said with big smile “Have a good time Mate”. We reached to Air NewZealand counter and a nice lady greeted us with a smile “May i help u”.  … Read more