gateAfter had our Bondi Meals and called a few friends we looked around just for nothing and slowly slowly moved towards departure gate no 54. So we went to board in, through very tight customs and security checking. We still had littlebit of time, so we just sitting outside the gate and rechecked our travel documents and hand luggage. I was looking at other people who were seeing off thier loved one’s. Some were sad, Some were crying and hugging tightly and hoping to see eachothers soon. I just looked  at Salman and said ” Yaar no one is here to see us off, look at others”. He just smiled and kept rechecking his documents. We heard the annoucement agian that our flight is ready, a young KIWI chick received us warmly at the door and told us where our seats were with nice smile. We put our seat belts on and here we go, the land of beautiful landscapes, beaches and breathtaking sences WE ARE COMING!