hamilton“Yaar here petrol is so expensive, look at there” , I almost screamed at both my friends(Salman & Osman).” Yeh here petrol is more expensive than Sydney” Osman replied. It was our first day out after we arrived at Auckland Airport in NewZealand around 10pm. Osman was there waiting for us with his housemate Bootwala. ” How was the flight ” he asked, ” Not too bad actually” i said while hugging him and shaking hand with his friend. He started driving his Honda Civic after putting our luggage in car’s boot. He asked ” you wana have dinner”. “Yeh ” Salman screamed at him and looked at him with anger. Osman smiled and said ” you are always hungry even after having had a complete meal’. He was right because he used to live with him in Sydney for several years, took 2 hours from Auckland Airport to Hamilton. After reached home, we had shower, dinner, had a chit chat a bit then we slept as we were very tired because we had to wakeup early in the morning to catchup our flight to NZ.