cambridgeAfter driving around an hour we reached a town called CAMBRIDGE. Ossi started telling us about its history and everything while we parked the car and walked through the town. ” Why eveything is closed here in the middle of the day”, i asked. He replied ” Today is public holiday that is why”. We seen some places, very old and well mentained town hall building, closed shops, ooooo Yeh some people too who were sitting just outside the one and only opened cafe’ shop. It was very hot and sunny day.” Yaar i am hungry”, suddenly Salman said his favourite words. Ossi and me laughed and started searching the restuarents, we found SUBWAY. Everyone had 12″ tuna sandwich with extra sauces. We had our meals in our car while watching some KIWI chicks in their summer cloths, took some pics and again started our journey towards beach.