First Day Out

driving1“Osima Osima  wakeup wakeup Osima Osima”, i heard it early in the morning, i thought, who is this and why he is pronouncing his name (osman) so badly,  i got my answer when the same guy came to me in a sec and said ” Ahmed bhai wakeup, i made a tea for u guys and Osima is not waking up”, then i figured out he is Osman’s housemate. I smiled and came to that room which was next to kitchen and where Salman and Osman were sleeping, i noticed Salman was laughing, i did join him and said.” Yaar i wokeup to kill him but he has no idea TEA saved his life”. ” Yeh i know i do the same when i had to wake u up”, he replied. Anyways we had shower, made breakfast (eggs + bread + tea agian), got ready with my camera and Osman started driving to his favourite beach. Roads were so neat n clean, too much greenary on both sides with not much traffic. We were listening the music loudly even Osman had not music system in his car, Thanks to Salman who was operating his laptop while sitting in the back and telling us agian and again after every song, ” Laptop battery will be dead soon”. Who cares as i was too busy in taking pictures.