Encounters Before The Tree – Lights Vivid Sydney 2024

Location: Walumil Lawns
Address: Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000
Dates: 24 May – 15 June, 2024 6PM – 11PM

As you look at a fascinating exhibition of nature’s secret geometry, you’ll see trees (and yourself) in a whole new light.

Throughout history, we’ve had a special relationship with trees. They offer refuge, a gathering space, and oxygen. They clean the air and have a relaxing impact on the neurological system.

Encounters Before the Tree examines this relationship with a geometric light display that invites us to look beyond the canopy.

Watch how a hypnotic projection, inspired by nature’s hidden mathematical codes, glides gently across a row of eucalyptus trees. The transformation of something natural into something odd and unknown is unsettling, reminding us of nature’s hidden beauty and the patterns that lie inside all living things.