Embrace – Lights Vivid Sydney 2024

Location: First Fleet Park
Address: First Fleet Park, The Rocks NSW 2000
Dates: 24 May – 15 June, 2024 6PM – 11PM


Steve Berrick (Australia).

Event Details

Embrace is a verb. To hold. To accept. To include or contain. Enter the circle of this interactive installation and actively embrace the thrill of human interaction.

Inspired by children’s paper chains, a circle of life-sized silhouettes reacts to human touch. Stand between the figures, reach out and touch the silhouettes on either side, and watch a wave of light spread around the circle.

When the circle is completed, with each figure connected by human touch, a spectacular light pattern appears, serving as a luminous reminder of the beauty of transitory connections and the power of community.

Installation represents the country of Australia.