Omnivisu – Lights Vivid Sydney 2024

Location: North Village Greens, Darling Quarter
Address: 25 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000
Dates: 24 May – 15 June, 2024 6PM – 11PM

A structure that glances back at you. This whimsical, interactive art project humanizes the typically faceless outline of our metropolis. Your eyes are projected in huge scale onto a high edifice in the distance.

Step up to our Omnivisu view finder in Tumbalong Park, where two cameras capture your gaze and display them onto a distant building. Gaze up at your own eyes, viewing the Vivid Sydney activity from above.

This startling depiction of your eyes at scale conjures Big Brother’s constant surveillance and The Great Gatsby’s scrutinising stare. Step forward and let your eyes become literal windows into our city’s soul.

Installation represents the country of Germany.