Connection – Lights Vivid Sydney 2024

Location: Hickson Road Reserve
Address: Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000
Dates: 24 May – 15 June, 2024 6PM – 11PM

Step into a canopy dense with LED ropes and connect with our common humanity.

As individuals, we are linked by numerous invisible threads, which Angus Muir investigates in this technicolor, immersive work. Wander through a circular ‘forest’ of bright ropes, run your fingertips along the strands, and activate any of the eight interactive posts to create dynamic patterns.

Each post generates a distinct pulse of coloured light and music patterns. Experiment with various combinations to access interesting displays.

Connection is a tactile and engaging way to focus on humanity’s diversity and the common experiences that bind us together.

Installation represents the country of New Zealand.