Valerie Taylor: An Underwater Life – Sydney City: 07 June – 31 August 2024

Dates: Friday 07 June 2024 to Saturday 31 August 2024 (Daily event)
Location: 2 Murray Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

At the Maritime Museum’s latest exhibition, you can immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of an Australian marine pioneer.

Valerie Taylor: An Underwater Life features objects and photos from the Maritime Museum’s collection to highlight Valerie and her husband Ron’s contributions to marine conservation, diving, and underwater videography.

Valerie Taylor has been documenting the marine environment and sharing her knowledge with the public for over 60 years, tirelessly campaigning for better protection of the ocean, its wildlife, and habitats.

Valerie is a globally recognized underwater storyteller, shark researcher, and conservationist who has led the path for future generations of divers, filmmakers, and environmentalists.