Love Your Nature Exhibition Sydney City: 07 June 2024 – 31 December 2025

Dates: Friday 07 June 2024 to Wednesday 31 December 2025 (Daily event)
Location: Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

With Love Your Nature, you may experience a kaleidoscope of color, vegetation, and passion! The new interactive horticultural exhibition invites you to explore the amazingly diversified world of plant-lovers.

Plant-love has existed from the beginning of time. They have been reproducing for eons with themselves, other plants, water, wind, fungi, insects, and other animals.

This year’s exhibition embraces all aspects of plant love. Prehistoric plants reproduce through clones, spores, and seeds, while flowering plants utilize colors, forms, and aromas to attract animals, while humans matchmaking for larger fruit, brighter blooms, and the preservation of wild plants for the future.

Love Your Nature, curated by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s horticultural team, showcases over 20,000 plants and one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest living green walls.