24th Biennale of Sydney: Ten Thousand Suns at UNSW Galleries

Location: UNSW Galleries, Corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road, Paddington NSW 2021
Dates: Weekdays, 10am to 5pm, Weekends, 12pm to 5pm, Saturday 9 March to Monday 10 June
Cost: Free
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Ten Thousand Suns conveys contrasting imagery. The sun, like the globe it illuminates, has been referred to by thousands of distinct names in numerous languages.

Each name reflects a unique cultural perspective, many of which are not based on a single perception of the sun. The notion of many suns conjures up images of a burning planet, both in various cosmological visions and in our current moment of climate emergency and world ablaze. However, Ten Thousand Suns expresses the joy of cultural multiplicities confirmed, First Nations understandings of the cosmos highlighted, and carnivals as acts of struggle against colonial oppression and dehumanization.

The 24th Sydney Biennale works within these several layers, acknowledging the deep issues caused by colonial and capitalist exploitation yet refusing to accept an apocalyptic view of the future. This politics of dread can be interpreted as attempts by the same powers to make it hard to overcome the various crises that they have created. The 24th Sydney Biennale, on the other hand, presents the light and warmth of ten thousand suns, illuminating a communal future that is not only imaginable, but also required, to be experienced in irrepressible joy and plenitude in shared humanity.


  1. Agnieszka Kurant
  2. Agnieszka Polska
  3. Bonita Ely
  4. Candice Lin
  5. Christopher Pease
  6. Dhopiya Yunupiŋu
  7. Doreen Chapman
  8. Elyas Alavi with Hussein Shirzard; Jim Hinton; John Hinton; and Alibaba Awrang
  9. Idas Losin
  10. Joel Sherwood Spring
  11. Júlia Côta and Prazeres Côta
  12. Köken Ergun
  13. Kubra Khademi
  14. Leila el Rayes
  15. Mauroof Jameel & Hamsha Hussain
  16. Megan Cope
  17. Nikau Hindin
  18. Simon Soon
  19. Udeido Collective
  20. Wendy Hubert
  21. William Yang
  22. Yangamini

Artistic Directors: Cosmin Costinaș and Inti Guerrero; Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain First Nations Curatorial Fellow: Tony Albert (Kuku Yalanji); Curatorial Advisor: Vivian Ziherl

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