School Holiday Program at Western Sydney International, Experience Centre: 08 June 2024 -19 February 2025

Dates: Saturday 08 June 2024 to Wednesday 19 February 2025 (Daily event)
Location: 100 Eaton Road Luddenham NSW 2745 Australia

The Western Sydney International (WSI) Airport Experience Centre is free and open to the public five days a week.

Learn how Sydney’s new airport will affect the future of Western Sydney.

While visiting The Experience Centre, our personnel will be able to point you some of the important elements of Sydney’s newest airport, which is being built directly outside the windows. The location is one of the most intriguing new developments in Western Sydney, and indeed, Australia!

The interactive pods contain airport-related information and films, as well as artist impressions of the terminal’s design.

Come and discover the Western Sydney International Airport at The Experience Center. We invited everyone to see this once-in-a-lifetime project and witness Western Sydney International Airport come to life.

During the school holidays, the Experience Centre offers a free family activity program. Information can be obtained on their website.