Global Gambits and Playful Revisions – Sydney North | 08 June – 09 June 2024

Dates: Saturday 08 June 2024 to Sunday 09 June 2024 (Weekly event)
Locations: 409 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia

Investigating how artists utilize play and satire to highlight global challenges such as climate change, colonialism, and political injustices.

Global Gambits and Playful Revisions investigates the role of play and games in overcoming life’s obstacles. Artists employ play, satire, and recycled children’s toys to raise awareness about topics such as climate change, colonization, and political injustices. Explore racing cars, toy soldiers, and circuit-bent electronic toys through the eyes of an artist’s whimsical yet serious call to action.

The exhibition explores how people use play and games in their lives to deal with, practice for and talk about difficult situations, and the way that through play, satire and repurposing of material like children’s toys and infantile attributes, artists raise awareness of and make us confront subjects like climate change, colonisation and political injustices. The exhibition frames the discourse on how playful engagement and critical thought can coalesce to challenge and redefine perceptions of global and social issues.

A Willoughby City Council curated exhibition presented in partnership with the Sydney Comedy Festival and Checkmate Chatswood.