Window Dressing – Vivid Sydney 2024

Location: University of Technology Sydney
Address: Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building, Ultimo
Dates: FROM 24 May, 2024

Who is this stranger? Who is looking or being looked at? Is our need to peep into the private lives of others always a bad thing?

Crypto-scopo-philia is the desire to peer through the windows of houses as you pass by. Let’s be honest: we’re all crypto-scopophiles, and this work allows us to indulge our voyeuristic side. As you gaze up at a wall of illuminated windows, you’ll get a tantalizing view into various imagined lives, with individuals living odd and wonderful lives within.

Liesel Badorrek’s piece, which features eight performers, unfolds across eight windows of the Frank Gehry building, providing a view into the rich tapestry of human life.

From Tuesday to Sunday, each window on the Goods Line at the Vivid Fire Kitchen comes alive with ordinary scenes transformed into amazing ones. With no conversation, the performance is performed to a carefully picked score available via Cinewav, leaving the interpretation of each vignette to your imagination.

Witness unique stories unfold as you embrace your curiosity and engage in the most intimate, yet public of settings. In a festival of technical wonder, Window Dressing is disarmingly low-tech and speaks to genuine human curiosity and connection.