Sydney Film Festival June 5 – 16, 2024

Dates:  June 5 – 16 2024
Location: 49 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

With over 200 films, 12 venues, and 12 days, this is your Festival to do as you like. Your city, your cinematic celebration, your community, and your new favorite movie. Experience it your way at the Sydney Film Festival.

The full program of 200+ films is now accessible on the Sydney Film Festival website.

With premieres, discussions, and parties, you’ll be the first in Australia to view the best, craziest, and most fascinating work in cinema. This year’s special guests include Austin Butler, Peter Weir, Rachel House, and many more!

The Sydney Film Festival takes place at its flagship venue, the State Theatre, as well as cinemas across the CBD, Newtown, Cremorne, Randwick, Western Sydney, and more, screening films you won’t normally find in the multiplex.

Sydney Film Festival 2024: A Celebration of Cinema

The **Sydney Film Festival** is an annual event that brings together cinephiles, filmmakers, and industry professionals from around the world. In 2024, the festival promises to be a spectacular celebration of cinema, featuring a diverse lineup of films, premieres, talks, and parties. Let’s dive into the highlights of this year’s festival!

Dates and Program

– **When**: June 5–16, 2024
– **Where**: Sydney, Australia
– **Film Count**: Up to 197 films from 69 countries
– **Premieres**: 28 World Premieres and 133 Australian Premieres

Must-See Films

Here are some films that you won’t want to miss:

1. **”All We Imagine As Light”**: Payal Kapadia’s dreamy romantic drama, the first Indian film to appear in the Cannes Competition in 30 years.
2. **”Grand Tour”**: Miguel Gomes’ mischievous and heartsick chronicle of a runaway groom with his sunny bride in pursuit across Asia.
3. **”September Says”**: Actor Ariane Labed’s Cannes-selected directorial debut, a gothic thriller about two close sisters.
4. **”Kinds Of Kindness”**: Yorgos Lanthimos’ darkly hilarious triptych fable starring Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, and Willem Dafoe.
5. **”Armand”**: An incredible debut from Renate Reinsve, where mayhem follows a mother called into her six-year-old son’s school.
6. **”Guest Viet And Nam”**: A beautifully shot love story of two gay mineworkers in Vietnam, beckoned by a better life in Europe.
7. **”Eephus”**: A delightful debut about a valedictory game of baseball, drawing comparisons to Richard Linklater.
8. **”Motel Destino”**: Karim Aïnouz’s gloriously debauched tropical noir, fusing crime thriller and unbridled eroticism.
9. **”Marcello Mio”**: Christophe Honoré’s meta comedy paying homage to the great Marcello Mastroianni, featuring an all-star French cast.
10. **”My Sunshine”**: A stirring Japanese charmer about a boy learning to figure-skate to impress his crush.

Festival Hub and More

– **Your Movie Match**: Need help choosing from the 200+ films? Swipe right on the ones that catch your eye to create your personalized festival experience.
– **Guest Film**: “The Convert” stars Guy Pearce as a British preacher caught up in 1830s Māori wars.
– **First Nations Award**: Celebrating indigenous storytelling.

Get your tickets, mark your calendars, and immerse yourself in the magic of cinema at the Sydney Film Festival 2024! For more information, visit the official [Sydney Film Festival website](

Remember, film festivals are not just about watching movies; they’re about celebrating the art of storytelling and connecting with fellow film enthusiasts. So grab your popcorn, find your seat, and let the magic unfold on the big screen!