Australian Fashion Week 2024 – [13 – 17 May]

Australian Fashion Week 2024: The Pinnacle of Pacific Style

  • Overview of Australian Fashion Week (AFW) as a significant event in the global fashion calendar.
  • Dates and location for AFW 2024: 13 – 17 May in Sydney.

The Essence of AFW 2024

  • The theme of AFW 2024 and its significance in the current fashion landscape.
  • The role of AFW in showcasing Australian fashion on a global stage.

The Runway of Dreams – Fashion Week Models

  • Profiles of top models expected to walk the runway at AFW 2024.
  • The diversity and representation of models in this year’s event.
  • Spotlight on Changemakers like Elaine George, a trailblazer for Indigenous inclusivity in fashion.

The Designers’ Canvas – Fashion Week Designers

The Theme – ‘Essence’

  • Exploration of the 2024 theme and how designers interpret it through their collections.
  • The influence of the theme on the designs, materials, and presentations.

The Fabric of Creativity – Dresses

  • Highlighting standout dresses and trends from the runway shows.
  • Sustainable fashion and innovative designs, such as Albus Lumen’s ‘Rebellion’ collection.

Beyond the Runway – Related Events

  • Overview of related events, including masterclasses, panel discussions, and industry networking opportunities.
  • Special events like Carla Zampatti’s presentation and Acler’s 10-year anniversary collection.

Impact of AFW 2024

  • The impact of AFW 2024 on the Australian fashion industry and its global influence.
  • Final thoughts on the future of fashion as seen through the lens of AFW 2024.