India bowed out by Elegent England

englandThe result puts England level on points with West Indies in Group E, while it means South Africa have now qualified for the semi-finals.

“It was a magnificent effort tonight, Sometimes we’re very good at saying how good the opposition are, but what we’ve got in our ranks are three big guys who bowl up to 90mph, and that’s obviously a great weapon to target teams. If we went with those plans we thought it would work, but what it took was belief in the bowlers to execute their plans, and they did that. We know what our plans are against India at the best of times – a bit of pace, and hit the ball into the ground hard,  It’s hard to do in Indian conditions, and that’s why they are so successful over there, but we’ve got three big seamers to try to get it up there, and it’s up to them if they want to take it on. This will give us belief, it’s going to be fresh in our memories for tomorrow. I said before this match, we had four games in which to win the World Cup, and we’ve now brought that down to three. Our last game and this game were both very similar, they were do-or-die situations and we’ve responded well to the pressure. A must-win game for us brings out the best of us. ” said England’s captain, Paul Collingwood.