Best Day in Wimbledon for Australia

hewitt“I’m very pleased with myself that I was able to do that – but disappointed in the fact that it kind of took me to get to that point before I pulled it all together again, But I get another chance to come back and try and improve all that. She’s been a little bit low on confidence whereas I’m pretty high up on confidence. I think you could try and bring that into effect. But, again, she’s a very good player, she can play well and you don’t know when that is going to to turn around for anyone. So I’ve got to go in there wanting to play my best and that’s what I’ll be trying to do.” said Stosur.

“I executed perfectly, Hit the ball great, served unbelievable for most of the match, yeah, took it to him right from the start. So I was pretty happy with the way I played. You don’t want to go out there and have excuses. I wanted to lay it out on the line, playing one of the best guys in the world, and see how you go. I felt like I was able to do that. I competed as well as I’ve ever competed. It was a big win, I wanted to beat a top five guy. These are the places you want to do it, too. I’ve got a lot of respect for Del Potro, he’s a great player, and he’s only going to get better. He’s a future Grand Slam champion on possibly any surface. I knew it was going to be a tough match today, but I was up for it from the start.”  Hewitt said.