I am too busy to spend money: Emma Watson

emma-watson“I really don’t have time to spend my money, Sometimes my bank manager calls me up to say, ‘You haven’t used your card in a while and now you’re using it – no one’s stolen it, have they?’ I’d just like to pretend the money doesn’t exist. It’s amazing how many children are aware from such a young age about money being important. Kids used to say to me, ‘You the girl on Harry Potter? How much do you make?

I could be 100 years old, but I’ll still be very proud I was part of the Harry Potter films. My whole life has been about Harry, then all of that will shut down and I don’t know what it will be like. I’ve come from nowhere and gone straight in at the top. Where do I go from here? I feel like I need to backtrack and work my way through again. I’m in a transitional period. I go to university in America in September. I’m making lots of decisions about my future. It’s a very exciting and slightly scary time.” Emma Watson said.