Catherine earns £1.55m for one ad

catherine-joneHOLLYWOOD actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was paid a staggering 3,700 pounds a second to star in a shampoo commercial.
The Oscar-winning actress earned 1.55 million pounds for the seven-minute TV advertisement for a haircare product which will only be broadcast in China and Japan.
“We wanted Catherine as we remember her in ‘Entrapment’, all slinky and mysterious. That’s why the ad was written as a mini spy movie. She looks pretty good in it,” said an executive at Unilever, the firm behind the commercial. – IAN
In the ad, the 39-year-old steals a youth-enhancing elixir from a high-security laboratory, which turns out to be the shampoo. She is later seen shimmering down the red carpet with fabulous looking hair