Theatre, Musicals, Opera, Dance Performances in Sydney, NSW

Theatre, Musicals, Dance, Film, Opera Performances in Sydney In Sydney, discover theatre, opera, dance, movies, musicals, and live entertainment. The top events, attractions, and things to do in Sydney from our comprehensive event guide, which includes listings for theatrical shows and dance events, as well as the newest and best musicals and plays.

Food & Drink Events in Sydney, NSW

Food & Drink Events, Festivals in Sydney Discover Sydney’s dining and wine sampling options. The most comprehensive event directory for the city of Sydney provides information on the top Food & Drink events, attractions, activities & festivals.

Sporting Events in Sydney, NSW

Sporting Events in Sydney Sydney is action-packed roster of sporting events. Find what’s on in the Sydney sporting calendar, buy sports tickets and see your favourite teams compete. From rugby, cricket, soccer, NRL, surfing, tennis and many more in Sydney.

Exhibitions in Sydney, NSW

Sydney Art Exhibitions & Galleries Sydney shines all year with an action-packed roster of art exhibitions, galleries and museums. From the major galleries and museums and artist-run initiatives, there’s always interesting art to see in Sydney. Discover the city’s stories through an exhibition that will awaken your heart and head.

Upcoming Events In Sydney, NSW – What’s on in Sydney

Upcoming Events – What’s on in Sydney Find out what’s on in Sydney with all the upcoming events, live music, gigs & concerts, festivals, sports events, adventures, family fun & activities, food & drink, music, theatre & films shows, exhibitions & art galleries, education & community center activities, ideas, seminars, carnivals, and other social events … Read more