Sydney Restaurants by Locations

Sydney Restaurants by Locations

Quay, Sydney restaurant

A higher Quay

Experience culinary perfection, the website said, and I’ll be darned if that’s not exactly what I did. I’ve visited every three-star restaurant in Australia in the past six or so months, putting together our national 2007 Restaurant Guide. (Tough job, I know.) If we were talking solely about the food of these places, I think I might nominate Quay as my favourite of the moment. Peter Gilmore’s style of cooking, as it’s highlighted through Quay’s new signature menu (a seven-course degustation Gilmore introduced in mid-2006 after the kitchen was expanded to accommodate it), is so wholly formed, so complete in its conception, execution and presentation that to dine at Quay today is to see a gun chef coming to the height of his powers.

Some of the well-known Restaurants in Sydney include Fish Face, Le Kiosk, East Village, Rockpool Restaurant, Grand National, Sydney Tower,  Bourbon and Beefsteak, Four in Hand and Bayswater Brasserie Restaurant. Many of these restaurants have won exclusive awards and recognitions
from international magazines and have successfully emerged as the best dining places in Sydney.

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