Sydney Things To Do

Sydney Things To Do

Sydney Aquarium

Located at the eastern edge of Darling Harbour, near the heart of the city, this aquatic wonderland is one of the most popular attractions in Sydney. Housing over 650 species (approx 11000 fish and water creatures!), you can virtually walk among fish! Don't miss the oceanarium thats home to an extensive.
collection of sharks or the seal sanctuary, one of world first, to see the seals at play.

Don't miss the Oceanarium where you will be surrounded by one of the world's most extensive collection of sharks - some over 3.5 metres long and weighing 300kg!

Sydney Aquariums Seal Sanctuary offers you the chance to view one of the worlds first known natural Seal Sanctuaries! Get closer than ever before, by walking through the underwater tunnels to see the seals racing through the water at full speed or just frolicking around.

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm everyday

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